Men's football Tours

Traditionally, men's football tours have been the most popular category of teams touring abroad. The mixture of both football and social elements has always produced a winning formula.

Senior tours are an excellent opportunity to really get to know your team mates both on and off the field. Whether you are pitting your wits against foreign opposition or enjoying their hospitality after the game,(and sometimes during) we are positive that you will enjoy your custom made tour with Team Tours.

We have football tours available in vibrant towns and cities in various countries including Belgium, Germany, Holland, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Spain, and of course the UK.

The football tour could involve entering one of our exclusive invitation only tournaments or simply taking part in a friendly game/s arranged with one of the many teams that we have created sporting partnerships with over the past years. 

We work hard to research all of the tours that we offer and we personally check the variety of accommodation and facilities that we regularly use. 

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